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from Canonical Ltd

Developer Advocate at Canonical working on Ubuntu, podcaster, father, husband, cat lover & a geek through and through.

I've worked at Canonical for 8 years, with 6 years as a community contributor to Ubuntu before that.

I started the Ubuntu Podcast and we've run for 12 years now with a loyal following of friends.

Cats > dogs.

Snapcraft is the universal app store for Linux that can deliver your app on any Linux distribution for desktop, cloud, and Internet of Things. If you’re starting your journey as a software developer or looking to expand your user base, this workshop is just the thing for you.

During the workshop you’ll learn how to create and publish snaps. Snapcraft supports many popular programming languages including Node, Go, Electron, C/C++, Rust, Python, Ruby, Java, and others.

Snapcraft experts Martin Wimpress and Alan Pope will be on hand to introduce the concepts and then help you get bootstrapped and answer any questions. We'll use the computing facilities, but you can also bring your own computer. Linux, macOS and Windows are all welcome.

This will be a relaxed, friendly, low-pressure session. If you're comfortable with a command line text editor, you meet the minimum requirements to join!


2 h
LinuxFest Northwest 2019